About Us

Visitors to Ibiza are looking for a unique experience. Ibiza is famous the world over for the party scene and the entertainment it offers. Any time a Hollywood movie or TV show such as Power wants to give a character the image of sophisticated debauchery, they mention that they have just returned from Ibiza.

So we have a high standard to live up to and we take the challenge seriously!

Running an escort agency is not easy. But we have years of experience in attracting and managing the best international escorts as well as servicing the requirements of the most demanding clients.

The best talent demands a great deal in return for representing them. They want access to the best clients and they expect to be kept safe and secure. They also expect us to protect their reputation and privacy. The fact that we do our job well can be seen from the fact that so many of our girls come back to work with us year after year.

Clients likewise require total discretion and that their private dealings will remain just that. Client service is critical to us and we work very hard to deliver the most professional service possible. But we also aim to be friendly, relaxed and supportive. To quote the old cliché, pleasure is our business. And we try to make doing business with us as pleasurable as possible.

The Ibiza Escort Agency is British-owned and managed, with a wealth of experience, not just in the escort industry business. We are business-people first and foremost and run our business as a business, with integrity and professionalism.

But above all, this is Ibiza. So our job is really very simple. It´s like any great entertainment or hospitality business; to let you chill and relax and enjoy yourself without ever letting you know how hard we are working under the surface!

We put a lot of work into our social media outreach, so it would be great if you connected with us via Twitter, LinkedIn or just have a read of our blogs. Please get in touch with any questions or suggestions.

Best wishes,

Donna x